How To Shrink Fibroids Naturally In Just 4 Months?

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If you are looking for how to get rid of fibroids, then you have reached the right place.

Fibroids (or in medical known as myoma, leiomyomata or leiomyoma) are the knots of smooth muscles cells in the uterus wall. At least 25 percent of all women are affected by this problem, and above 80 percent women have fibroids sitting in their uterus silently. Moreover, Fibroid alone is the leading cause of hysterectomy surgery.

Despite the high prevalence, many women don’t know as much about Fibroids as they do about other smooth muscle cells in lungs that cause asthma, or smooth muscle cells in the heart or blood vessels in the artery disease.

I am a scientist, practicing gynecologist and previous Fibroid sufferer. My life mission is to share as many lessons I learned about Fibroids to help women in making better choices for treating fibroids.

Why I Create This Website?

I have many personal reasons for creating this website:

Firstly, the medical field is changing rapidly. Deciding on treatment options was easy when hysterectomy (surgery to remove the uterus) considered as a one-size-fit-for-all treatment. One newspaper posted a headline about Fibroids as, “Diagnosing with Fibroids is easy, but selecting right treatment option is difficult.” Today, many factors come into play when selecting treatment option like how many fibroids are present, their size, location and pregnancy plans for future are some of them.

Secondly, I want to educate women about their disease before they consult a physician. I believe with each passing year the time allotted for appointment is getting shorter due to increasing health care pressure. As a practicing gynecologist for past twenty-five years, I always tried my best to convey as much information as possible in the allotted time. I developed handouts that I give to my clients to convey as much information in short time to handle this pressure. These handouts play a vital role in developing this website.

Lastly, nothing beats ‘personal experience’ regarding understanding about the disease. As a physician and a ‘past fibroids sufferer,’ I learned many things that I don’t know before. Personal experience with illness teaches you many things that you will never learn in medical school or during practicing career. During my hard time Amanda Leto’s Fibroids Miracle eBook really helped me in treating Fibroids and I learned a lot from this book.

My objective is to share my understanding, knowledge, experiences and everything in between about Fibroids with as many women as possible to help them have better treatment options.

Part 1 – “The Essentials”

This part is created to give you ‘the essentials’ about Uterine Fibroids. These essentials include the definition or description of the disease, types, symptoms, tests or diagnostic procedure and causes of this disease. Going through them is important.

What Are Uterine Fibroids?

Uterine Fibroids are the non-cancerous growth of muscle cells in the uterine wall that causes unpleasant and painful symptoms. Each fibroid grows from a single muscle cell that is why fibroids are considered as clonal tumors (a clone process that grows from identical cells, not the cloning process you often hear in the news.)

uterine fibroidsThis clonal tumor is not identical to the formation of malignant tumors, in which one cell become abnormal and spread through the body. Many fibroids can grow at the same time but from a different cell.

This process of converting a smooth muscle cell into fibroids is very common. Most women have fibroids but don’t experience symptoms. According to many studies, if the uteruses of women looked closely then more than 80 percent women have small fibroids traces. When these small fibroids grow big enough to be felt and cause symptoms then treatment is required to shrink them.

Fibroids Size:

different fibroids sizesFibroids can grow in various sizes. A fibroid in the size of a marble can cause symptoms. However, the largest fibroid ever recorded was about 40 pounds.

A metric system is used to measure fibroids. Most reports show fibroids is either millimeter (mm) or centimeter (cm). Very rarely fibroids are measured in Inches. There is 2.2 centimeter in an inch and 10 millimeters in a centimeter. Therefore, a 10 inches fibroid is the same size of 22 cm or 220 mm fibroids. It is crucial to know the unit of measurements when talking about fibroid size.

Most fibroids are not spherical. In these cases, a fibroid measured in length, width, depth like – 6.5 x 7.2 x 4.5 cm fibroid. In case, if one dimension is mention then it is mostly the largest dimension.

Types Of Fibroids:

As the size influence symptoms, the location of fibroid is also important. In fact, the connection between the fibroid location and layer of the uterus is used to define the several different types of fibroids.

types of fibroids

  • Submucosal Fibroids – Fibroids that are distorting the endometrium or protruding the endometrial cavity are called Submucosal Fibroids. They remain below the mucosal surface.
  • Subserosal Fibroids – Fibroid that is sticking from the outer surface of the uterus creating an irregular uterus shape is called Subserosal
  • Intramural Fibroids – These fibroids remain inside the uterine wall but enlarge the uterus.
  • Pedunculated Fibroids – These fibroids have stalk connection with the uterus. These are also called pedunculated subserosal fibroids.
  • Intracavitary Fibroids – These fibroids remain inside the cavity of the uterus cause bleeding and severe cramping.

What Are The Fibroids Symptoms?

Two most common symptoms are heavy menstrual periods and pelvic pressure or discomfort.

Heavy Menstrual Periods (Menorrhagia):

Menorrhagia periods are long, heavy, or both. Typical periods are 4 to 5 days long, but if menstrual bleeding stays for more than seven days, it said that woman has Menorrhagia. Some women have relatively small periods of 3 to 4 days but their periods are excessively heavy.

Sadly, there is no classification regarding the heaviness of periods. That is why it is important to check whether a woman with fibroids has anemia (low red blood cell count). Many different tests are available to test red blood cells like hemoglobin, hematocrit or complete blood count (CBC).

Pelvic Pressure or Discomfort:

The second most common symptom is Pelvic Pressure or discomfort that is not sharp or disabling but rather discomfort that women feel during pregnancy. Fibroids enlarge uterus to sizes as seen during pregnancy. Women with fibroids can have urinary frequency, difficult bowel movement, constipation, back pain, sciatica and bloating.

Severe or Sudden Pain:

Severe or sudden pain can occur with fibroids. Usually, this severe or sudden pain occurs under two circumstances. First is, when fibroid grows more rapidly than blood supply or center of fibroid dies or degenerate. This circumstance can occur with any type of fibroid.

The second circumstance occurs in a pedunculated fibroid (fibroid on a stalk). When fibroid twists on its stalk, this can cut down blood supply and causes sudden or severe pain.

Reproductive Dysfunction:

Reproduction dysfunction such as infertility, pregnancy complications, and miscarriage is connected with fibroids. Most women with fibroid suffer no complication during their pregnancy.

However, before attributing fibroids to pregnancy problems, a proper investigation of a woman and her partner is required to exclude other common causes.

How Common Is Fibroids?

uterine fibroids graphAccording to the latest study, around 80% women have fibroids in their uterus. These figures come from a detailed study of the uterus that removed during surgery or uteruses of women who died because of non-gynecologic reasons.

The women with significant uterine fibroids (fibroids that are felt in pelvic exams or visualized in ultrasound) is reported to be around 25 percent. Calculating 25% women age 19 to 64 in US population, we conclude around 25 million women might have Fibroids.

According to estimation, black women are more likely to have fibroids. African-American women are three times more likely to develop fibroids as compare to Caucasian women. Additionally, some evidence proved that black women are more likely to develop more severe diseases at an early stage.

Studies showed that around 80% of African American women develop ultrasound-detectable fibroids. However, large-scale studies have not conducted on African women, but it is considered that African women have a similarly high risk of developing Fibroids.

Factors That Influence Woman’s Chance Of Getting Uterine Fibroids:


Race affects the risk of developing fibroids. As we already discussed, African American women are at higher risk of developing fibroids. Asian and Hispanic women are at similar risk as Caucasian women. However, the numbers of studies done on Hispanic and Asian women are small. Additionally, it is still not clear the difference in risk that African women and African American women have. Most studies were done in America and Europe, and it does appear that African women also have problems with fibroids.

Delivering a Baby:

Delivering a baby decreases the risk of fibroids. Many doctors believe that pregnancy decreases the risk of fibroids formation due to remodeling of the uterus that takes place after pregnancy.

Oral Contraceptive Pills:

Oral contraceptive pills decreases the risk of fibroids. Many textbooks say that women who don’t take birth control pills have higher chances of fibroids growth. However, fibroids do not grow some time. Fibroids respond to the hormone in the pills. A state of hormone in the pill stop tissue cells from forming fibroids

According to the Large Nurses’ Health Study, women who took pills decreased the risk of fibroids. However, women started taking pills between the age 14 and 17 are at increased risk of fibroids.


In some cases, smoking is shown to decrease the risk of fibroids because of the difference of estrogen levels in the smokers. However, the benefit of decreased fibroid risk doesn’t subside the serious risks of smoking.


It is now widely known that diet greatly influences the risk of fibroids. A diet that is rich in raw vegetables and fruits decrease the risk of fibroids, but a diet that is rich in meat increases the risk of fibroids.

Alcohol increases the risk of fibroids. Caffeine doesn’t show to affect risk.

Body Mass Index (BMI):

Yes, weight influences the risk of fibroids. For those who don’t know BMI is a relationship between height and weight. Overweight women are at higher risk of getting fibroids. No study shows weight loss lowers fibroids risk but weight loss itself has many benefits.

Why Do Fibroids Form? (Causes)

If you want to know how to get rid of fibroids, it is important for you to understand the causes that lead to the formation of this disease.

We do know about hormones, but we don’t know about how hormone imbalance leads to abnormal bleeding that characterizes this disease. Women with fibroids have enlarged endometrial cavity, and their large surface causes increased bleeding at the time of menstruation.

We are going to look on all possible causes that may influence the fibroids formation, growth, and symptoms.

Genetic Causes of Fibroids:

One major theory reveals that some women are genetically predisposed to form fibroids. We have seen women in every generation suffered from fibroids. In some families, woman’s maternal relatives don’t have any history of fibroids, but their aunts and cousins from father’s side have significant problems with fibroids. You may inherit the risk of fibroids from either your mother or father side.

Environmental Causes of Fibroids:

XenoestrogensScientists believe that environmental factors either themselves or connecting with genes influence the growth and formation of fibroids. Many studies revealed how diet and smoking influence the risk of fibroids. Scientists are continuously studying environmental factors such as pesticides, chemicals, medications and agents that have an estrogen-like action called xenoestrogens.

Steroid Hormones:

It is very well-known fact that fibroids react to ovarian steroid hormones like estrogen and progesterone. Old studies on fibroids say that only estrogen puts important influence, but some evidences show progesterone is equally or even more important. One of the effective treatments for fibroids, Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone (GnRH) decreases the level of both Estrogen and Progesterone that proves that Progesterone seems to be an important hormone.

Fibroids As A Disease Fibrosis:

Fibroids characterized as a disease of abnormal fibrosis. When other disease processes, the formation of keloids take place when the body produces too much extracellular matrix (ECM) in a disordered fashion. There is some connection between uterine fibroids and keloids which explain why black women (who have fibroids) are at increased risk for keloids.

PART 2 – Medical and Surgical Treatment Options:

Medical Treatment Options:

Doctors are recommending some medical therapies that are surprisingly effective for treating fibroids. These medical therapies work by introducing hormone in the body to battle fibroids where it starts – your cells. Some popular medical therapies are:

#1 – Gonadotropins-Releasing Hormone (GnRH)

Natural GnRH hormones introduce in the body to release Estrogen and Progesterone to regulate the menstrual cycle. GnRH hormone does wonders to shrink fibroids (more than 50% in 3 months), but many women reported the resurgence of fibroid symptoms after discontinuing the treatment. GnRH is also effective in stopping bleeding in anemic women to help them rebuild the blood supply. GnRH considered as a short-term solution for fibroids.

#2 – Mifepristone RU-486

Mifepristone Ru-486 is a synthetic steroid, known as ‘abortion pill’ that suppresses glucocorticoids and progesterone. Fibroids depend on progesterone to grow, so it makes sense taking a drug suppresses progesterone that shrinks fibroids. However, doctors don’t suggest this treatment for a reason unknown, but I found many success stories of this treatment when I was searching for how to shrink fibroids. You can download Fibroids Miracle to learn about this treatment.

#3 – Raloxifene:

Raloxifene therapy is mainly used by post-menopausal women to treat bone loss. However, this selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM) is a promising therapy to reduce fibroid size. Up to 83% post-menopausal women reported decrease by 50% in their fibroids size. Unfortunately, its results in pre-menopausal women are still unknown.

#4 – Androgen Therapy:

Danazol is an androgen that is proven to reduce estrogen levels and stops the abnormal heavy bleeding. However, it is not effective for shrinking fibroids.

Gestrinone is another steroid hormone that is commonly used in some European countries to treat fibroids. It is shown that around 40% users shrink fibroids. Unfortunately, it has some masculine side effects like deep voice, chest hair growth, weight gain, etc. This is probably one of the reasons, why this steroid hormone is not available in the USA.

Surgical Treatment Options:

Since many years, surgery is considered as the popular and only solution to treat fibroids. In the past, hysterectomy considered the one-size-fit-for-all fibroids problems. Thankfully, there are many surgical options for fibroids sufferers that protect the uterus. Here are some of them:

#1 – Myomectomy:

Myomectomy is one of the best surgical options available to get rid of fibroids. If you search at how to get rid of fibroids over the Google, then you realize surprisingly many websites suggesting it. The great thing is, Myomectomy is a surgical process in which doctor removes fibroid without removing the uterus. This surgery is a great method for women who want to protect her reproductive ability while want to end fibroid problem permanently.

Myomectomy is 3-4 hours procedure that considered as not a serious procedure, but keep in mind any surgery is risky. Some women reported infection and recurrence of fibroids after this procedure, but chances are very rare. Myomectomy surgery should perform by a surgeon who has experience of this procedure.

#2 – Hysterectomy:

When other medical, natural, herbal therapies fail, Hysterectomy is the only sure-fire way to get rid of fibroids. If you or your loved one suffering from fibroids then it is possible you may hear the doctor talking about this surgical procedure.

HysterectomyHysterectomy is done from abdomen or vagina which requires the removal of the uterus and sometimes ovaries as well. Although the removal of ovaries reduces the chances of ovaries cancer, however, it has one nasty side effect – instant menopause.

Hysterectomy is very complicated surgery, and it should perform by expert surgeons only. Death is reported one in thousand women who undergoes this surgery due to blood clot embolism.

This surgery has some side effects like sexual dysfunction, pelvic pressure, urinary issues and weight gain are some of them. These side-effects are rare, and women who go through this surgery are happy with its results.

#3 – Embolization:

One of the successful procedures available to get rid of fibroids permanently is – Uterine Fibroid Embolization. This surgical procedure works by cutting off blood supply to the fibroids that result in shrinking their size. This procedure permanently changes the blood supply to stop fibroid from coming again.

In this procedure, the doctor inserts a flexible tube (catheter) into the femoral artery. The doctor uses a contrast dye and x-ray machine to see the blood vessel he is maneuvering though. Then, he guides catheter tip to the location where arteries branch off the uterus and inject up to 1,500 milligrams of plastic particles into the patient’s bloodstream. This procedure clogs the blood flow to the fibroids that result in shrinkage with a slow reduction in symptoms.

Although Embolization is not as common as Hysterectomy, one thing that matters is – It works. Around 85% women who go through this procedure reported their fibroids are completely gone. Moreover, only 1 in 5000 women died in this procedure that is very less as compare to hysterectomy. Additionally, 1 in 10 women reported post-surgery side effects like pain and nausea, but these symptoms go away in few days.

Holistic Way of Treatment

Any disease occurs when body deteriorates and enters into imbalance state due to excessive toxicity, inadequate nutrition or lack of physical activity. The human body naturally has its nutritional energy to handle diseases.

fibroids natural treatmentA symptom means that body is in a state of imbalance and danger. Most diseases occur when cleansing organs fail to remove toxins that enter into bones, receptors, tissues, hormones and cell surface. When the body is in imbalance state, disease occurs as soon as toxins enter into the body. Most of the time when a symptom occurs the damage to the body is already done.

Studies and researchers of natural medicines believe that by allowing the body to perform its process of internal toxins cleansing known as detoxification and restoring the hormonal balance with nutrition, more than 90% diseases can heal by the body itself.

Many studies showed a calorie-restrict diet could normalize hormones, enhances fertility and reduces other fibroid symptoms. Additionally, a combination of exercise, diet, healthy lifestyles habits and detoxification methods are essential to shrink fibroids and stop them from forming again.

Those who don’t know Amanda Leo share a clinically proven 3-step holistic system inside Fibroids Miracle book that helps in treating fibroids naturally.

Part 3 – Natural Fibroids Treatment:

In this part, you are going to find out my 3-step natural fibroids treatment plan that I used to treat my golf-size fibroid in six months. Yes, it took me six months to get rid of fibroids permanently and naturally without any drugs or surgical procedure. If you also follow this 3-step plan, then I believe you can get results in just four months because I spend 2-3 months in learning how to treat fibroids.

Step 1 – Dietary Changes:

fibroids diet

Recently, I got lots of questions about fibroids tumors. One woman wrote to me, “I get fibroids in my uterine wall, but my doctor doesn’t recommend removing it. But, I want to know how to prevent fibroids from getting larger, and I wonder if I should change my diet. Are there foods that I should eat and foods that I should avoid?”

The answer to this is, YES! Some foods influence the growth and formation of fibroids.

Fibroids exist in almost every woman, but they grow in woman’s midlife between age 40 to 50 when woman’s body is going through a period that is known as ‘Estrogen Dominance‘ in which body has more estrogen as compared to progesterone. Fibroids cells feed on estrogen, as they are estrogen sensitive. Therefore, a fibroid sufferer diet should contain foods that lower total estrogen.

Here are five foods that are estrogen-rich and destroy hormone balance in the body:

Foods to Avoid #1 – Soy:

Soy contains Xenoestrogens (an ‘alien-estrogen’ body don’t make itself) are more powerful than Estrogen and people suffering from Fibroids should avoid it. Many foods contain modified soy these days which are very high estrogen foods. You should avoid every soy product doesn’t matter if it is soy milk, soy protein powder or even soybeans.

Foods to Avoid #2 –Too Much Sugar and Carbohydrates:

Sugar and carbohydrates increase blood sugar and also increase estrogen in the body. You should avoid sugar in your diet. If you are using too much grain in your diet like bread, pasta, rice, etc. then switch them with vegetables and fruits. If you want to add grain, sprouted grains are a better option, but you should maintain a balanced ratio by decreasing carbohydrates and increase healthy fats.

Foods To Avoid #3 – Conventional Meat and Dairy Products:

A study in Spain shows that a conventional milk bottle contains 20 different meditations and chemicals. This is the reason why young girls are getting menstrual cycles in their 9 to 10 years rather than 13 and 14 years. Similarly, these chemicals and meditations are available in the meat you are eating. Make sure you buy grass-fed meat and dairy products.

Foods To Avoid #4 – BPA and PFLAs:

BPA (stands for Bisphenol-A) is a chemical that you are drinking out of your plastic containers. BPA is known as estrogen-mimicker or xenoestrogens. Stop drinking water from plastic bottles especially when they are heated. When you leave plastic water bottles out in the sun, this BPA chemical leaches into the water and creates a hormonal imbalance when you drink it. A similar case is with Teflon (or nonstick) pans. When heated to high temperature this Teflon cookware releases PFLAs which also estrogen mimickers.

Here is an important tip: A substance is available in cruciferous vegetables called indole-3-carbinol that helps in detoxification and remove excess estrogen from the body. Indole-3-carbinol starts as sulfur (or sulfurane) which has some powerful detoxification properties. So, by removing estrogen-rich food and including more cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, collard green, etc. you able to shrink your fibroid naturally.

You can use my Natural Juice Remedy that include these vegetables or you can download Fibroids Miracle that doesn’t only includes a proper diet with these cruciferous vegetables but also provide lots of different natural remedies that relieve the pain and reduce fibroids naturally.

Step 2 – Natural Juice Remedy:

Anti-Fibroid Juice

One of my subscribers, Anita shared a natural juice remedy that she used to end fibroids within four months. This natural juice remedy contains some powerful ingredient (including cruciferous vegetables) that work great. Many of my clients saw great results with this miracle juice remedy. Keep in mind; this miracle remedy doesn’t work overnight as you have to drink this miracle juice religiously for four weeks to see results.

This juice remedy includes:

  • Lemon – a great cleanser
  • Ginger – a great pain reliever
  • Turmeric – a great pain reliever.
  • Beets leaves – rich in iron.
  • Apple – great natural sweetener
  • Spinach – increases hemoglobin level.
  • Collard Greens – a great cruciferous vegetable


  • Start with lemon. Cut lemon into four pieces and put them into a juice one by one.
  • Use ginger and turmeric together but make sure you add a small size of them because they have a very powerful taste.
  • Next is apple. Cut an apple into four pieces and put them one by one. They will add sweetness to the juice. If you want to add more sweetness to your juice, then you can use grapes as well.
  • Now add beets. You can chop off beet head and put them into juicer but also add beet leaves are they are more nutritious than beets. Beet heads are strong in taste, therefore, don’t add too much to your drink. If your hemoglobin level is low, you should add beets to your drinks as well.
  • Add spinach now. You can use spinach as much as you can because spinach is rich in iron and relishes everything that you lost. You can start adding 4 to 5 spinach leaves and increase it regularly especially if you are suffering from anemia (a condition when the body lacks healthy oxygen-rich blood).
  • Now add super ingredient that is Collard Greens. These extremely alkalizing and bring your PH level to normal.

Drink this juice for 3 to 4 months to shrink your fibroids and prevent them from growing again. You will start noticing results within just 3 to 4 weeks, but the key is to drink it every single day before breakfast. If you don’t have enough time in the morning to prepare it, then just prepare it overnight and put it in a jar to drink it in the morning. If possible then get vegetables and fruits right from farmers market instead of purchasing them from supermarkets.


Step 3 – Castor Oil Massage:

Things you need for castor oil massage:

  • Castor oil bottle (I prefer cold pressed oil)
  • Cotton or Wool flannel
  • Hot Heating Pad (I prefer non-electric)

Benefits of Castor Oil:

castor oil packCastor Oil Massage has lots of benefits. It can enhance fertility, dissolves fibroids, ovarian cysts, and unblock tubes. However, timing is important to get results. It is ideal to perform this castor oil massage at the end of menstrual cycle and before ovulation. Most women get it within two to three days of their ovulation. Yes, charting your cycle is important but don’t perform it if you are menstruating.

Castor Oil has lots of benefits, and I am using it since the 90s. It is antimicrobial, antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal. Edgar was the person who discovered these benefits, and he believes that castor oil increases the intensity of healing energy.

Many women used this powerful healing oil to get rid of fibroids without going through a hysterectomy. One of my clients who had infertility issues because she had severe endometriosis all over to her tubes. She used castor oil packs to conceive at the age of 35 and doctor was surprised when he checked her body as endometriosis was completely gone.

Remember, castor oil is not a miracle, and it can take months to get results with it. According to Edgar, you have to use it for three days then take three days off and then repeat for four months to get results. However, I believe you can do it as much as you can but do it for at least three to four times a week.

You can get castor oil pack from Amazon that comes in a ziplock bag. Usually, these castor oil packs include a bottle of castor oil, a cotton or wool cloth and instructional sheet.   I get my castor oil that is called cold pressed castor oil from CTS labs in Ohio.


Here are instructions on how to perform this massage:

  • Take out castor oil in your hand, if you feel it is little cold, then all you have to do is use your other hand to close it from above for few seconds.
  • Apply the oil to your belly region quickly so you will not feel cold. Use enough oil to cover the entire belly from top to coming down the pubic symphysis, so you are applying it over the uterus, over the liver, and the spleen. People can use castor oil massage to solve their castor oil massage.
  • Once you are done massaging your belly region now, use cotton flannel to cover the entire region. Make sure you use a big flannel all the way from your left side to your right side from xiphoid to your pubic symphysis.
  • Now put heating pad above the flannel for at least 45 minutes.

Final Few Words:

I think I have covered everything on this website that you want to know about how to get rid of fibroids naturally. In case if you want to ask any question then feel free to ask in the comment section or contact me directly using the contact us form.

My advice to anyone suffering from fibroids,

“Please don’t get it operated as there are many alternative ways. Get it tested no doubt, but avoid operation as much as possible. Fibroids are like little trees. It likes you snip it off then another one comes and removing uterus will create a lot of hormonal problems. Give a try to 3-step natural fibroid treatment for six months, and I hope you will also cure fibroids as I did.” – Thanks

I would suggest you to try these three natural remedies for 6 months to see any benefits or if you want to get results quickly then combine these three natural remedies with 3-step holistic method provided inside Fibroids Miracle. Click the link below to download fibroids miracle now!

download fibroids miracle



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